A little preparation will help make your conversation memorable and enjoyable.

For all the help you’ll need to get ready, download our Conversation Starter Kit.

The basics

  • Invite someone to record a conversation with you, someone you know and have a good relationship with.
  • Agree with your conversation partner on the focus of the conversation.
  • Think about how the conversation will flow. Will you, for example, be sharing memories (“do you remember when we….?”) or will one of you interview the other? Or perhaps one will tell the other a story?
  • Make sure you are both comfortable with the topics that you want to cover.
  • Consider if there are other people in your story and how they might be affected if they are included in a public recording.
  • Remember that one of our facilitators will be there to help you get started, but they are not an interviewer. You and your partner will steer the conversation.

Keep the conversation flowing

Our listening tips will help you keep the conversation warm and lively.

You might also want to prepare a list of questions or topics to keep your conversation on track. For tips and inspiration on questions, check out: