What to expect

Allow about an hour and a half when you come in for your session. Here’s what you and your conversation partner can expect:

  • You will be welcomed on arrival by one of our facilitators
  • The process will be explained to you and we’ll help you ease in
  • The 40 minute recording will take place in a private quiet room with no interruptions
  • The facilitator will explain the recording equipment to you
  • You and your conversation partner will share your story. You might use some pre-prepared questions, but the most important thing is to let things flow naturally and enjoy
  • The facilitator will be in the room with you to record your conversation. Their role is not to ask questions but to support you and your partner to run the interview yourselves. The facilitator may take notes
  • After the recording we’ll ask to take your photograph and you will be invited to sign a consent form (or ‘release form’). This is to allow your story to be offered to various archives and collections, which may include state and local libraries and museums. You may withhold your consent if you wish. You can see our Release Form here.

Take home a free CD recording of your story

Our facilitator will make a CD of the recording, so you keep a copy of your conversation to share with your family and friends.

Let us know if you’d like your story added to archival collections and published

If you give your consent, your story may be offered to local and/or state libraries and museums, to begin a growing collection of local and Australian stories.  Your story would then be available for future generations to hear.  As well, your consent would allow us consider your story for possible broadcast – as an excerpt – on our website and on radio. Of course, you might decide don’t want your story made public and that would be fine. We won’t share or publish your story unless you give us permission.

You can read our Release Form (or ‘consent form’) here.