Record your story

The Story Project invites you and a friend or loved one to come to one of our recording venues and record a great story in a conversation together. It’s a beautiful opportunity to listen to one another in meaningful way. You’ll want to prepare before you come, so think of the important questions you might like to ask or the memories you’d want to share.

A trained facilitator will help you feel comfortable then record your conversation using professional quality audio equipment. The facilitator is there to create the space for you, but once you get started, you’re in the drivers’ seat. You’ll have 40 minutes for your interview, then you’ll receive a CD copy to take home. Before you go, we’ll ask if we can publish and share your story. Of course, the choice will be yours.

Here’s how it works

  1. Think of a person you’d like to record a conversation with
  2. Reserve your session (bookings are essential)
  3. Prepare for your conversation
  4. Come in and record the interview
  5. Take home a free CD recording of your story.

Let us know if you’d like your story added to archival collections and published.

To book your recording

We respond to invitations to record stories in communities across Australia. Contact us to talk about how The Story Project might record stories in your community.