Should you have any question not listed below please ask us.

Who can record their story?

Anyone! Well, anyone over 12 years old. We are passionate about offering this opportunity to people from all backgrounds and walks of life. And it’s free.

I don’t think I have an interesting story…

Often people who say this actually have fascinating stories. The Story Project is not about recording famous people, ‘big’ stories or world news. We believe that everyone has a story, [Read more...]

Do I have to make a booking?

Yes. For information about our recording dates and locations and how to book, click here.

Do I need to prepare before I come in to record my interview?

Yes. Simple preparation will give you the best chance of making your interview memorable and meaningful. We also want your conversation to last the test of time. So before your session, [Read more...]

What will happen during the recording? Will someone be asking me questions?

You and your interview partner will have 40 minutes to record your conversation. It’s an opportunity for you to have a meaningful conversation: to ask one another important questions or share valuable memories. A facilitator from The Story Project will be there to [Read more...]

How long is a recording session?

Allow about an hour and a half. The actual recording is only 40 minutes, but we’ll spend a little time beforehand to [Read more...]

What happens to my story after I’ve recorded it?

After you have recorded your conversation you will take home a free CD of the recording to share with friends and family. We will also invite you to sign a consent form (or ‘Release Form’) to make the recording available for [Read more...]

What if I say something I regret?

If you’ve done some preparation before you come in it’s unlikely you’ll blurt out family secrets! But we can all get carried away. If you realize at the end of your recording that [Read more...]

Do I have to sign anything?

Yes, and you choose what you sign. After your recording we will invite you to sign a consent form (we call it a ‘Release Form‘) to allow us to archive and share your recording in responsible ways. If you do not want to give this consent, no worries. [Read more...]

What if I sign your consent form but then change my mind?

After you have recorded your conversation you will have the choice as to whether or not you consent for the recording to be archived and shared. You have a 5 day cooling off period. [Read more...]