Sunshine Coast stories now on Qld State Library website

The State Library of Qld have now made the stories from our Sunshine Coast pilot available for live streaming. Follow these instructions to listen to the full, forty-minute versions of over 80 conversations from the Sunshine Coast and surrounds. You can hear shorter versions of a selection of stories on our website.

Find the whole collection…

… by clicking here.

Dom and AlanFind an individual story

1. Click here for the Sunshine Coast collection of stories 
2. Press CONTROL F on your keyboard (or COMMAND F on Macs) to get a search box in the top right corner
3. Type in a name or key word and the individual story or stories should come up
4. If there is more than one match, click on the arrows next to the search box.

Listen to a story

1. For an individual story, click on ‘Listen to the oral history on mp3 format
2. Click on the tiny mp3 icon top left under ‘View options’
3. Go and make yourself a cup of tea! It takes a loooong time to load up, 2-5 minutes
4. Listen and enjoy!

Get help

Contact us for help to find or listen to these stories.

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